Jeu de paume was a French game played in the 12th and 13th century. What was originally designed as a handball game has since transformed into arguably one of the most beautiful sports in the world that we now call tennis.



We don’t just make jewelry. We hand-craft elegant pieces that are meant to fill you with as much joy as a brilliant day out on the court does. Pieces that hold memories of moments where you felt great strength or that give you the courage to create them.


Paume is a Chicago-based jewelry brand focused on tennis jewelry design. What started as a custom design made for the artist’s tennis-loving wife and daughter has transformed into a luxury tennis jewelry brand that brings excitement, inspiration and strength to tennis-loving women around the country.

Our Jeweler

Our jeweler is a Krakow-born, Chicago-based designer and craftsman. He has spent twenty successful years in the fine jewelry industry working for Tiffany & Co, independent jewelry stores, and his own established jewelry business. Robert is inspired by his family history of jewelry-making and by his family’s love of tennis.

Our Process

We want you to love your hand-made Paume jewelry as much as we enjoy crafting it. We make sure to deliver the highest quality to you by hand-crafting each and every piece to order. Please allow for seven – ten days for delivery.

Once you confirm your order, your piece comes to life in the following stages.

1-0: Handcraft design

2-0: Wax modeling

3-0: Casting

4-0: Refinement

5-0: Final review

6-0: Ready for send off!