It starts with love.

The Paume Racquet is designed for the tennis enthusiast whose grit is solely matched by her style and love of the game. It's much more than another accessory - your Paume Racquet will carry your favorite tennis memories on and off the court for a lifetime.


Every piece has a story.

Carry your most treasured tennis memories with you wherever you go. Cherish them, draw strength from them, and share them to inspire others. See our founder's #mypaumeracquet story, share yours with us, and stay tuned for more below. 

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The Classic Collection

A Fan Favorite.

Petit Necklace
Color: Yellow Gold
Chain Length:

Made in the U.S.A.

Each and every Paume Racquet is designed and handcrafted in Chicago, Illinois.

Our Materials

Want to make it your own?

We want you to love your Paume Racquet as much as we enjoy crafting it. To inquire about custom pieces, please click the link below to contact us. 

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