Our Materials

Not only do we want you to love your product, but we want it to last for years (or generations) to come. We only work with ethically sourced, high quality, enduring materials from precious metals to clasps, chains, and genuine diamonds and gemstones. Please scroll below for further details and suggested care practices to keep your Paume Racquet looking brand new.

Why 14k Gold?

Paume Jewelry is built to last on the court and off. Solid gold is a precious, low-reactive metal that will not oxidize or discolor. It is an active lifestyle’s best friend; as it scratches less and doesn't bend or wear out as easily as other gold types. The 14k alloy also gives the Paume pieces their beautiful, subtle hue and sets the stage for each design’s intricate detail.

Care for your 14k Gold:

It is as simple as lightly scrubbing your piece with a toothbrush and warm water.


Silver is water sensitive. Please avoid water when wearing your silver Paume piece as it will oxidize. Wear your piece often however, because the oils of your skin will slow the oxidizing process!

Care for your Silver:

When not wearing your piece, it is best to keep your piece in a ziploc bag, a pouch, or inside your Paume packaging to prevent oxidation.


Our high quality diamonds (VS 1 Clarity, G color) are sourced from suppliers who follow socially responsible and ethical practices.

Care for your Diamonds:

While diamonds are among the strongest substances on earth, they also need some love and care. Use warm soapy water with a toothbrush to clean and thoroughly rinse your piece of any residue.